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ALF Kids Celebrate a Year of Learning and Fun!

The Australia Light Foundation (ALF) Kids group wrapped up a year of Quran, Religion, and Risale-i Nur Studies with a bang!

The ALF Kids have covered a wide variety of Mandatory Islamic Knowledge topics in the past year. This year was aimed to be a foundational year in which will the ALF Kids obtained a strong base of knowledge which will be furthered in the upcoming years which our fantastic teachers have already begun planning. The teachers are aiming to build solid foundations in the reading of the Quran and understanding its meaning through Hadith and Risale-i Nur Studies.

Thanks to our fantastic teachers, Murat Ozkan, Nuri Yargi, Yasin Ozer, and Furkan Yuksel, the kids had a blast learning and laughing in their study classes and also at the end of the year event at Time Zone.

Arcade games fueled friendly competition, laughter echoed as they enjoyed a meal together, and a soccer match brought about quite a happy picture at ALF. Head Islamic Teacher, Murat Ozkan, handed out well-deserved certificates to mark the occasion!

Big shoutout to our dedicated teachers— Murat Ozkan, Nuri Yargi, Yasin Ozer, and Furkan Yuksel—for their vital role in making the ALF Kids Islamic Studies program a success. InshaAllah we will raise many and build many more little Said Nursi's, Imam Gazzali's and Bukhari's for the Islamic Community! InshaAllah ALF looks forward to many more years of learning, growing, and having fun together in the ALF community!

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