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ALF Youth BBQ at Albert Park Lake!

The ALF Youth had a beautiful summer afternoon last Sunday at Albert Park Lake. It really was such a nice day with a slight breeze in the shade. It was a beautiful way to begin ALF Youth events for the year 2024.

The ALF Youth brothers made their way to the BBQ area where ALF Youth members Yasin and Nuri began to cook the high quality sausages and beef burgers whilst the ALF Youth played some soccer, basketball and then sat down all together for a session of Risale-i Nur in the beautiful summer weather!

The event had over 25 attendees ranging from 16 to 35 who all played their role in making this day a beautiful core memory for years to come. The ALF Youth is proud of their members and their ongoing commitment to attend and participate in sessions and lessons, trying to develop themselves and others around them in a positive mindset with available mentors and "older brothers."

ALF looks forward to further supporting such initiatives and the ALF Youth to further develop themselves and their brothers around them and become high value contributors to society and individuals.

Look forward to catching you at our next event, subscribe or send us an email so that we may pass on any information in relation to our next ALF Youth Event!

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