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Grand Opening for the new LED signs of ALF!

Australia Light Foundation would like to thank the team at Kotra (South Korea) for supporting our vibrant community and donating brand new LED Signs to be used at our ALF Head Office Tottenham Branch.

ALF would also like to thank the Mayor of Maribyrnong City Council Cuc Lam and the honourable Sung Hak (Kimbo) Kim from the Australian General Services for their efforts during the procurement and design of the LED signs.

Australia Light Foundation hosted a beautiful opening ceremony whereby Kimbo, Cuc, the Korean Trade Commission and ALF members were present and shared a nice afternoon tea together in unity and togetherness.

In embracing the spirit of unity and togetherness, Australia Light Foundation believes that the act of supporting vibrant communities goes beyond the immediate impact—it resonates as a commendable action for wider society. Such collaborative efforts, as exemplified by Kotra (South Korea), Mayor Cuc Lam, and Sung Hak (Kimbo) Kim, transcend borders and cultures, creating a tapestry of goodwill. ALF's grand opening ceremony symbolized not just the illumination of LED signs but the radiant synergy that arises when diverse entities come together to uplift and empower communities. It serves as a beautiful reminder that collective efforts in supporting organizations like ALF contribute significantly to a harmonious and interconnected world.

ALF thanks all stakeholders involved within the project and looks forward to sharing a nice afternoon tea once again sometime in the future!

If in the area, please check out the signs!

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