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The Annual ALF Youth Ramadan Iftaar!

The Australia Light Foundation (ALF) Youth Group conducted their Annual ALF Youth Ramadan Iftaar at Roxy Kebab House in Roxburgh Park on Sunday, the 24th of March 2024.

The event was truly a great sight with attendees coming and breaking bread together after a long day of fasting. The nicely cooked meals, the wonderful conversations during the dinner and a nice Turkish tea and baklava to top it all off was the makings of a wonderful, memorable and strengthening evening for the ALF Youth Brothers.

The number of ALF Youth attendees were really so large that the ALF Youth was occupying half of the restaurant space.

It was a beautiful evening whereby the ALF Youth shared another memorable dinner in unity, togetherness and brotherhood. ALF Youth looks forward to hosting an even bigger ALF Youth Iftaar in 2025!

Join our lectures on Friday Nights (after Maghrib) and Sunday Mornings (from 11 AM) to become part of ALF Youth our ALF Youth Iftaar in 2025!

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