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The Final ALF Community Iftaar of 2024!

The Australia Light Foundation (ALF) hosted the third and final iftaar of their three beautiful iftaar dinners this past Saturday evening, the 29th of March 2024!

The third and final ALF Community Iftaar of the year 2024 was yet again another beautiful sight just as it was the two consecutive weeks before it. Over the course of the 3 ALF Community Iftaars, ALF had approximately 1500-1600 people from our local community join us to break our fast together!

The three ALF Community Iftaar's were truly a sight of unity, togetherness, multiculturalism and a sight of a true community over the whole 3 dinners. The event had people of many diverse backgrounds who sat on shared tables to break bread with their brothers and sisters in faith and community.

 ALF would like to really thank everyone who attended our ALF Community Iftaar Dinners, the volunteers, the preparers, the cleaners and most importantly the Women of ALF for their efforts in preparing a beautiful dinner each time for all to enjoy whilst they too themselves fasted. The effort of ALF Women does not go unnoticed as they are an integral part of ALF and we thank them again.

We look forward to having an even better ALF Community Iftaar Dinner Program in the year 2025 and have more of our brothers and sisters coming to break bread together with their brothers and sisters from around the world.

Thank you for making ALF Community Iftaar Dinners another beautiful success and a beautiful warming memory!

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