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A Day of Togetherness: ALF's Community BBQ Delight

On a sunny spring October day, the Australia Light Foundation (ALF) community BBQ brought together more than 50 families. The day was a heartwarming celebration of community, with children's laughter adding a special touch.

The atmosphere was filled with joy as children played on the jumping castle, their excited voices and carefree laughter brought about smiles throughout our beautiful ALF BBQ area.

The event was truly vibrant with young and old coming together to share stories and laughter. It was a beautiful representation of what community should be - a place where every generation finds a connection.

However, the star of the day was the delicious traditional kavurma, lovingly prepared by ALF's dedicated volunteers. The rich, savory flavors brought smiles to everyone's faces, and we all enjoyed this meal as one big family from many different backgrounds.

This BBQ was not just a gathering; it was a day of togetherness, where the beauty of community shone brightly, and hearts were filled with warmth and happiness.

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