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A Garden of Serenity, The ALF BBQ Area and Garden Gets a Facelift!

The ALF BBQ Area is truly a garden of serenity where many beautiful ALF and other Muslim Community BBQ's have been conducted. With an abundance of space, a soccer field, gas and charcoal BBQ area, water fountain and beautiful habitation, flowers and plants, the ALF BBQ Area and Garden is a heavenly space for ALF and Muslim Communities to have their BBQs undisturbed in a completely Halal Environment. Better yet, it is only a short 30 metre walk to the Masjid!

The ALF BBQ Area and Garden has at long last received a beautiful uplift with new tables and chairs, relevelled grounds and a fresh coat of paint to our beautiful water fountain.

The ALF would like to dearly thank all those who have donated to the reworking of the ALF BBQ Area and Garden and to all those who also helped make this plan become a reality for the use of ALF and our beautiful fellow Muslim communities.

We look forward to having you come over for a BBQ in our beautiful garden and see the serenity and beauty for yourself, have a BBQ, read a book or enjoy a nice tea, we are more than happy to have you!

A garden of ALF today, a Garden of Jannah (Paradise) tomorrow.

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