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A Joyful Start: ALF’s first Mum & Bubs Playgroup Session

Australia Light Foundation held their first Mum & Bubs Playgroup session this morning at our women’s masjid area. It was a beautiful social gathering of mothers and their children, bonding over play and snacks. It was such a joy watching each child enter the play area with their faces lit in excitement and eagerness to explore. Our play area was a hub of activities filled with circuits for active motor-skills play, constructive-toys

and educational games. We provided a range of activities that would spark interest and suitability for babies, toddlers and the preschoolers; also, for the little ones who love to be active, or those who are more creatively inclined.

In the second hour of our session after the children worked out an appetite, we all gathered around and enjoyed snacks of fruits, chips, and biscuits. Many children went back to play for a little while longer before it slowed down for the ending of the session. All the mothers collectively helped pack and clean up the entire area before we all joyfully parted ways.

This initiative was intended to provide a space in our community to foster a sense of community and togetherness among families. From today’s session, many old connections were rekindled while new ones were nurtured. The children, too, blossomed in an environment of shared play and learning. This is to hope that many more smiles, laughter and connections will flourish in Australia Light Foundation’s community.

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