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ALF & ALF Relief Fund is delivering your donations as aid to Gaza!

The Australia Light Foundation and ALF Relief Fund has begun delivering your humble donations collected for Gaza as aid through Human Appeal Australia. Our campaign received donations and support from Australia, Turkey, and various other countries who came together to help the innocent civilians of Gaza. 

ALF Relief Fund who has been running the “Palestine Gaza: Call for Emergency Relief!” since the beginning of the destruction of Gaza, is collaborating with Human Appeal Australia, an organization which is on the ground in Gaza, specifically for the civilian population affected by war. The aid will be delivered in the form of food, hygiene, medicine/medical products and shelter directly to the innocent civilians which are impacted by the war.

The first round of donations from the campaign were handed over to Rabih Baytie, the state director of Human Appeal Australia, at the ALF Tottenham Head Office. Baytie stated, 'The aid will hopefully reach the aid of your Palestinian brothers and sisters affected by the war.' 

ALF Representative Fatih Yargı made a few comments regarding the vital importance of such aid campaigns in urgent, catastrophic situations in which the affected civilians have no choice but to await assistance, such as war and natural disasters. 

The Australian Light Foundation and ALF Relief Fund, recognised the urgent need for assistance in Gaza, and began this important campaign. This effort stands as an exemplary campaign supporting humanity's common values and encouraging solidarity worldwide. 

We hope that the collected aid will swiftly and effectively reach those in need in Gaza, alleviating their suffering even if only to some extent. Supporting such aid campaigns is a significant duty for humanity, and with the hope that this solidarity and unity continues, we extend our thanks to everyone supporting both the community and our foundation."

Thank you for being a part of our campaign! 

Australia Light Foundation & ALF Relief Fund

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