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Australia Light Foundation Receives A MCC Mayoral Award!

Updated: Mar 4

The Australia Light Foundation (ALF) recently recognised and received the Mayoral Award at the 2024 Civic Awards ceremony, held on February 21st by the Maribyrnong City Council. This recognition is a testament to ALF's unwavering commitment to community development, spiritual reflection, and nurturing future leaders.

ALF's diverse initiatives, including mosque services, youth empowerment, women's programs, education, and community engagement, have significantly impacted the lives of many in our municipality.

ALF's vision of celebrating diversity and empowering individuals through understanding, unity, and progress has been a guiding light for our organization. This recognition is a testament to ALF's dedication to its ethos rooted deeply in Islam and its continuous efforts to contribute positively to society.

President Fatih Yargi stated, "I am honored to accept this award on behalf of our beautiful community and organisation, none of this would be possible if it wasnt for our beautiful community and people of Australia Light Foundation. ALF is kind hearted people, and we always do our best to help and we continue to help all of those around us as best as we can. We always want to become even better and want to take our community and our organisation to new heights year after year."

This award shows us that as we stand firmly in true Islam, we can be an example and beacon of hope and direction for society regardless where we may be.

See our mention in the Star Weekly Newspaper:

Australia Light Foundation

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