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Fabrice reverts to Islam and is embraced by his new brothers at ALF!

Brother Fabrice reverted back to Islam on Sunday, the 26th of November 2023!

Brother Fabrice voiced his testimony infront of a near full ALF masjid which had just completed their Midday/Duhr Prayer session and was greeted with beautiful smiles and hearts filled with happiness for their new brother which has just reverted and is starting his Islamic Journey.

He was given perhaps the most hugs ever in his life, from people who did not really know him, but loved him and were happy for him truly for the sake of God. People gave him advice and warm smiles to know that he wasnt alone on this journey and that we would always be there to help him if he needed any guidance or if he ever needed answers to any of his questions.

Fabrice joins the list of ever growing reverts, with Fabrice being the 4th person to convert to Islam at the ALF this year alongside Marcus, Catherine, and a Sudanese Brother which didnt provide his name.

We pray that they all attain happiness in their lives, wisdom in their dealings and be tokens for society in professionalism, honesty, transcendence and success.

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