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Further Upgrades To Our Classroom, The Garden Of Knowledge!

The ALF Classroom has received a beautiful addition to the classroom, a new 70+ Inch Samsung Smart TV Television!

Upon receiving this generous donation, the ALF Office opted to utilise this beautiful Smart TV in the ALF Classroom for our children, communities and programs who use our classroom space.

The Smart TV will be utilised by the lesson conductor to attain even more attention whilst being able to make the class more engaging and entertaining with ability to use external references via platforms such as Youtube.

Teachers will also be able to connect their Laptops directly to the screen as a second larger screen which allows our classroom to be utilised as a modern classroom design with wider technological accessibility.

Our classroom is ready for you and your kids to learn, so now all we need is for you and your children to come learn together with us in our classroom!

May Allah bless this classroom and allow us to utilise it to our best!

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