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Join ALF's Recycling Efforts with CDS Victoria App!

Dear ALF members, it's time to make a difference with your recycling!

We're urging you to download the CDS Victoria app and join us in recycling efforts which will turn your recyclables into donations to Australia Light Foundation! How good is that!?!

Here's how:

1. Get the App: Download the CDS Victoria app from your app store. It's easy to use and guides you through the recycling process.



2. Need Help? Contact Ibrahim or Maxine at the ALF head office for assistance. They'll help you navigate the app and answer any questions.

3. Social Club Support: You can also reach out to Abdi from the ALF Social Club for guidance on using the app effectively.

Why Join? By recycling, you're helping the environment and supporting charities. Plus, it's a simple way to give back to the community.

Together We Can: Let's come together and make a positive impact. Join us in recycling with the CDS Victoria app today!

For help or more info, contact Ibrahim, Maxine, or Abdi. Let's make a difference together!

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